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The leading providers of Professional Islamic Counselling Services in the UK with clients worldwide.

Sakoon Muslim Counselling services offers a holistic approach to your well being as our counsellors are experienced and have been trained integratively primarily in CBT - 'Cognitive Behavioral Therapy', PCA - 'Person Centered Approach', SFA - 'Solution Focused Approach', Psychodynamic and Islamic Counselling. We work according to your needs and evaluate and suggest what therapy may be most effective to help you.

Sakoon works in the following ways:

  1. One to One counselling from either a muslim male or female counsellor
  2. Muslim marriage counselling - Counselling for couples.
  3. Support Groups - Sakoon also work with local organisations/groups for counselling on specific issues or life goals such as stop smoking, weight control, drug addiction and alcoholism.
  4. Sakoon also offer workshops, training, life coach and Mediation
  5. Supervision - We can provide supervision to all counsellors.

Our services are accessible through:

  • Face to Face
  • Telephone
  • Skype / Google Chat
  • MSN chat
  • Email

Recent Updates/Events :

1) Current positions available please go to our Contact Us page

2) 13/01/2015 - Have re-enabled 07943 561 561 to make it easier for people to contact us




Do you feel...
Stressed? Depressed? Anxious?
Angry? Lonely? Unhappy? Bullied?
Abused? Suicidal? Afraid of harming yourself? Fed-up?


Are you having difficulties with...
Your marriage? Your family? Substance misuse? Phobias?
Bereavement? Abuse?

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If so...
Then let SAKOON Counselling Services help. Experts in Psychotherapy and Psychology.
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© 2006