What is Islamic Counselling

There are many different models of Islamic counselling but from our experience and what benefits the clients is incorporating spirituality in therapy

Mainstream Counselling only considers the physical, mental and social wellbeing, Islamic counselling utilizes the major tenets of integrative counselling but adds to them an added dimension. This is the relationship between the client and his/her creator.

In addition our model includes looking at ones culture, family, and siblings as this all plays a part in the therapeutic process. Everyone’s culture is different and this is when it gets more complicated as some cultural values have been placed higher than Islam or they believe it is Islamic. Here at Sakoon we are aware of cultural differences and sometimes have to separate culture from Islam.

It is only in the last twenty years there has been a move towards incorporating spiritualiy and the World Health Organization identifies health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing”, and sees spirituality as an important factor in the quality of life and wellness of individuals regardless of their religious affiliations.

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