Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions represent an agreement between the two parties being; Sakoon counselling (Us) and the participant (You). The objectives of these terms and conditions is to facilitate the best possible environment and experience. These terms and conditions are deemed to be binding upon the participant following enrolment to any activity or event. Upon enrolment to any counselling or course the participant hereby agrees to abide by the following:

Counselling Agreement – Terms and Conditions

How long will it take?
The initial consultation is a full session charged at the same fee and includes counselling which lasts approximately 50 minutes for an individual and 1 hour for a couple, a counsellor will explain our methods and see whether you think we can work together. It is important that you feel safe and comfortable with a counsellor, as well as getting an impression of whether the methods and style may be useful to you.

From the initial consultation we will recommend the number of sessions which can then be extended where appropriate. You can end the arrangement at any time, although this will usually be discussed together.

For people who cannot travel or fit personal appointments into their schedule, email or phone counselling is an excellent way of receiving support and guidance. Please contact us for further information.

You agree to provide contact information for your GP. This is for your protection and will only be used in the event of serious concerns for your well-being.

Sakoon counsellors follow an ‘Ethical Framework for Good Practice’ established by governing bodies such as British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or UKCP or Islamic Counselling. It outlines the ways in which counselling and life-coaching should be conducted.

Whilst Sakoon is not entitled to divulge any information or details you tell me under normal circumstances, if we felt you were in immediate danger to yourself, or to any other person, Sakoon would need to consider involving another person/agency. This would normally be your GP. We would always try to discuss this with you first and this would only apply in extreme circumstances.

We need to recognise the limitations of counselling/islamic counselling and we reserve the right to end the agreement at any time.

In accordance with BACP regulations all counsellors are required to receive Supervision of their counselling. A supervisor is someone a counsellor would consult regularly to discuss their work and from whom they receive support and guidance. In this setting the counsellor may discuss some details of your situation, but they will not give your name, so that confidentiality is preserved. The counsellors supervisor never attends sessions and you will never be introduced to this person.

You will be required to pay for your sessions in advance by cheque, cash or bank transfer

Re-scheduling, cancellations and missed appointments:
Every participant who books an event/course/counselling sessions has the right to cancel any booking made (provided we are given notice before the activity start date):

For counselling sessions if you need to re-schedule an appointment, 24 hours notice is required otherwise full fee is charged. If you fail to attend an appointment, without providing 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full fee.

If you are late in attending your appointment, the end time will remain the same.

Non payment.

We reserve the right to add additional fees for chasing non payment which adds an admin overhead and late payment fee, maximum of £150. In addition court costs are added and will vary according to the amount you owe.


Any unused sessions which have been paid for and not utilized we will refund the full fee.

As mentioned we also need to understand the limitations of counselling and it may not benefit,  hence why we do not tie to you into a contract and it is on a pay per session. Once a session has been held we do not provide a refund.

What happens next?
At the initial appointment the counsellor will explain the terms and conditions and provide feedback to the client on the best method that would be suited to them. Like wise the client will need to decide if they would like to work with our counsellor. Once this is agreed, you can then send a cheque payable to us (I will send you the address) to cover the first session at the current rates. we will email/call you on receipt of your payment and confirm the start date for your counselling.

Please note, we reserve the right to decline a request for counselling without providing a reason. In this event I will return your payment to the address you have provided.

If you would like more detailed information or answers to specific queries, please feel free to email me. It is important that you feel confident and comfortable with the Terms and Conditions.

Training / CPD – please refer to course guidelines
Events – Please see individual events guidelines