Some of the common Myths about counselling are

Seeing a counsellor is a sign of weakness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Seeing a counsellor helps to explore one’s feelings and emotions with a view to leading a more positive way of life is a sign of courage rather than of weakness. Problems and difficulties that are not dealt with do not simply go away, they can mount up and in time cause a major crisis.

That counselling is only for people who have serious mental health problems or in crisis that you have to be completely unable to cope to consider counselling. This is not true. Many people find counselling enables them to deal with specific problems such as relationship breakdown or loss of family member. Those who attend counselling are ordinary people who wish to find ways of resolving their difficulties and working towards living a more healthy and positive lifestyle.

I’m a Muslim I don’t need counselling I should just read the Quran and Pray. Counselling helps you to explore your feelings what’s going on for you and can help you focus and reunite you with your faith.