Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about counselling with Sakoon. Hopefully this list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions will help. If not, please get in touch!

Where are your offices ?

For face to face Islamic counselling our offices are located in West London, East London, Birmingham and Manchester.  We have clients that use Telephone as well as Skype and have many clients outside the UK using Skype for couple as well as individual sessions.

No response received to my enquiry ?

We respond to all new email enquiries within 1 working day.

If you did not receive a response they may have been a problem. Please call us and we will be happy to help.

What do I say ?

You can say whatever you like. It doesn’t really matter how you present your problem, sometimes you may find yourself saying things you hadn’t expected to say. Sometimes you will talk about difficult or painful feelings and, as you begin to face them, you may feel worse in some ways by facing your fears, this is natural and part of the healing process.

The counsellor will support you through the whole process and provide a confidential setting to discuss your concerns in order to help you move forward.

Will the counsellor think badly of me ?

We are impartial and not here to judge. judging clients is not helpful or relevant

Throughout the process you will be encouraged, supported and empowered to look at yourself from a different perspective. The aim is not only to help you cope with a current issue or crisis, but to do so in a way that produces learning for the future, so you can feel more in charge of your life. Taking responsibility is an important part of this commitment.

Is it Confidential ?

We work according to British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework (BACP). The content of your discussion with the counsellor will be treated as confidential and not discussed outside the counselling room.

The only exception to this:

  1. If your counsellor is concerned that there is a substantial risk of harm to yourself or others
  2. All counsellors receive regular supervision in which they consult with a qualified consultant supervisor in order to ensure that the counsellor is working both to ethical standards and therapeutically. If your counsellor talks about your situation to his/her supervisor, it will be in a way that does not identify you. Your counsellor’s supervisor is also bound by the BACP Ethical Framework.
How many sessions do I need ?

This depends on individual circumstances and the concerns presented, the counsellor my get an idea how many sessions are required during the assessment session and can discuss this during your first session.

Sakoon offers both short  (6 sessions) and long term counselling.


What are the costs ?

We provide talks at venues which are free of charge in order to educate the community

For  the following  please get in touch and we can explain the process and fees

  • Individual sessions
  • Couple Sessions
  • Training / CPD  courses
  • Supervision

If you have Private Health Care, depending on which one they will fund the sessions

We work with Charity organisations who based upon their assessment will fund the sessions

We do receive anonymous donations which sometimes covers the session


Are your services only for Muslims ?

Our commitment means understanding and meeting the needs of customers regardless of race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, cultural background, sex. We will provide help to anyone who requires our support.