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Our courses have been running since 2016 and have been a huge success, we continue to receive positive feedback. Our next set of courses are now live, for more details please highlight and click on the course or availability.

Course Venue Start Date   Time Availability
Level 2 CPCAB Accredited  – Counselling skills CSK-L2
25-09-2021 Alternate weekends 10am – 5.30pm

Few spaces available

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Level 3 CPCAB Accredited – Counselling theories  CST -L3
65 Westcroft Square, London W6 0TA  / Online
5th March 2022 Alternate weekends 10am – 5.30pm


2 places left

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Level 4  Accredited – Diploma
65 Westcroft Square, London W6 0TA

25% Online

02-10-21 One weekend a month 10am – 5.30pm

Spaces available

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