Islamic Counselling and Neuroscience

Islamic Counselling Chaplain Training with Ayesha Aslam

It’s an honour to be invited at this years Muslim Chaplains / Imams conference, where Ayesha Aslam  will be talking about Neuroscience and Mental Health

From what we have learnt on delivering our accredited Islamic counselling courses people have a poor image of Imams, sheikhs and Muslim chaplains, we have worked hard to change perceptions and changing Minds where we invite a sheikh to attend the course and deliver a speech. This has convinced learners that educated Imams should be seen as a Helper in a helping role. A person you should be able to approach who will support you by providing a safe confidential space where you can talk without the fear of being judged by the community.

Quotes from the course

I found it not only increased my Islamic knowledge  but also my perception of Sheikhs and Imams

I was a bit dubious at first, wondering  what the Sheikh came in for, by the end of it i had changed my perception, the sheikh was excellent and helped me to understand in applying Islamic knowledge in the counselling process

We continue to support the community and offer training to Imams, sheikhs and Chaplains so that they are aware of Mental Health. They can become the pillar of our community once more, inshallah.