Islam and counselling Training in Thailand.

A great opportunity where I delivered training to a large organisation on how they would work with their clients. The organisation worked  with a cross section of the community and were particularly interested in utilising counselling skill as well as how to work with Muslim clients, across diverse cultures.

It was surprising that English being their second language the learners were able to easily grasp the key concepts and apply it into their role.  We had lots of fun during the training and I enjoyed seeing the transformation from beginning to end.

I was humbled by the learners who were hard working, committed and showed a huge amount of respect to the Tutor (myself) with great positivity, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more.

Alhumdulilah at the end of the course, I received positive praise from the Learners as well as managers and the Observers who all gave me 5 stars.

Social Environment

After a long day at work, I would venture out, visit heritage and taste the local Cuisine. Before going to Thailand, I was informed by many not to venture out as it was not seen as a safe place. However, I found the people to be friendly, polite, and considerate. They went out of their way to find me halal food. As a Muslim who wears the headscarf I found Thailand to be more safe than London.

As some of you may be aware that I love my food and it was  great to see that they have their priorities in  place where you would order you lunch in the morning before you start the day. I think I may have put on weight and I have no idea how the women in that country stay slim with all the delicious food.

Even though it was a long journey, I will not forget my Learners who made my stay extra special

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