Ayesha Aslam pic Islam and Neuroscience and Mental Health

Neuroscience, Islam and Mental Health

Ayesha Aslam is a Keynote speaker at this 2 day conference in Dubai  with speakers from around the world

For a full list of speakers and an itinerary of the two days please download the PDF.

NEUROGENETICS 2018_ScientificProgram

Religion, the brain and connection to Mental Health

Although religion is mostly detached from modern psychology and science, there is no doubt that religion plays an important role in how a persons brain can be wired. Islamic doctrines are embedded in the lifestyles of Muslims.

At this event you will see the connection between Neuroscience and Islam, where Muslims were the pioneers in the field of psychology, a better understanding of the brain and how faith can increase our plasticity.

Much more will be delivered at the talk and Ayesha hopes to see you there inshallah.