11 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

We currently have more Muslim couples coming to our counselling services and have put together the secrets to a happy marriage.

Marriage for Muslims goes beyond the union of two people who share the same interest and passion. It is a sign of Allah’s greatness and that nothing can destroy a strong marriage if the foundation is built with love, sincerity, and faith.

“And one of His signs is that He created for you, spouses from amongst yourselves so that you might take comfort in them, and He has placed between you, love and mercy.”

(Surah 30, Verse 21)

If you aim to live a happy married life, here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Be Grateful to Each Other

Marriage life is a blessing. One of the most important tips for happy married life is to recognize that your spouse is God’s gift. When you love someone, you should be thankful for being with them even beyond this lifetime.


2. Be Each Other’s Best Friend

Effective communication between married couples is one of the most important tips for a happy marriage life. As lifetime partners, spouses should be attuned to their partner’s feelings without the need for one person to keep asking what he or she wants.

3. Motivate and Help Your Spouse

Knowing your spouse’s needs can help you encourage your partner to achieve his or personal desires. Does she want to improve her cooking? Help her with her daily taste tests. Does he want to start a business? Be partners in growth and productivity, and bring out each other’s potentials.

4. Have Time For Each Other

Many marriages suffer because of the spouses’ lack of time for each other and their family. If you are a working, married couple, allot few hours of your time to bond with your spouse. This fosters open communication to achieve marital happiness and trust.

5. Maintain Intimacy and Passion

Men and women need physical and emotional satisfaction, especially during the marriage. It is important to know your spouses’ wants and needs so that you can fulfill them. This is crucial for the health of your marriage life. Make an effort to fulfill your spouse’s’ primary needs.

6. Overall Self-Improvement

Married couples often forget to take care of themselves once they start to build a family. One of the most important tips for a happy marriage is the constant self-improvement. This is not limited only to looking good for your spouse but also includes cultivating God-given potentials

7. Give and Take

Arguments are inevitable in marital relationships, but as lifetime partners, spouses should be able to discern each other’s weaknesses. Listen carefully to each other’s woes and stop the urge to constantly defend and argue. Be sensitive to each other’s feelings to be able to resolve disagreements.

8. Be Honest

Whether it is about money problems or worries about infidelity, the communication lines between married couples should be open and transparent. Distrust is a common pitfall of relationships that often stems from the lack of trust of confidence with one’s spouse. Be truthful to minimize marital conflict.

9. “ME” Time

It is important to give married couples opportunities to enjoy their alone time. Let your spouse catch up with his old buddies or visit the salon during the weekend. This way, both can grow as individuals without the stress of constantly fulfilling each other’s needs.

10. Put Allah in the Center of Relationship

An important tip for happy marriage life is managing marital problems by being conscious of Allah. Recognize that relationships have ups and down, and know that Allah placed love and mercy in relationships so that married couples can live life harmoniously together.

11. Win Allah’s Pleasure Together

Marriage is an institution created in order for couples to stay on Allah’s path. This is the foundation where Muslim men and women can build their life together. Help each other to get closer to Allah. Be partners in achieving Allah’s pleasure.

Islam believes that marriage allows people become more physically and mentally sound. Muslim marriages are also seen as a way to acquire spiritual perfection. The above tips for happy marriage life can help married couples achieve eternal happiness having earned Allah’s pleasure together. Marriage is made up of two different people with different interest, so working hard to achieve a harmonious partnership is also a lifetime commitment.