We regularly receive praise for the work we do and  these are some of the testimonials that have been sent in by our service users.




Our local Imam and the Shariah council were unable to help us and divorce was the only option so we went into our first session with the intention of divorce.  We walked out with our marriage intact. I just can’t praise you enough for helping our marriage.     (Couple, London, face to face)

I wanted to express again in writing how much respect I have for the work that you do and you as a person and your approach, may Allah swt protect you, keep you always smiling and give you the strength and perseverance to keep shining a light into people’s lives.    (Couple, North UK, Skype)

Two years ago, my husband and I sought counseling through Sakoon. Alhamdulillah, we found it very beneficial and we are thriving in a healthy marriage.   (Couple, New York, Skype)

My child had ran away from home, it was through seeing our counsellor that we were able to understand and communicate better and we now have a better relationship than before.    (family, London, face to face)



After 30 years of hiding my childhood sexual abuse, I finally overcame my fear and my demons from my past. Sakoon has changed my life and can’t thank them enough.     (Female, 43, London, face to face)

I came to Sakoon to provide me with a an Islamic perspective to my OCD. I had been going to a mainstream therapist who after 7 sessions asked me to stop praying. I became even more anxious and this is when I approached Sakoon. Alhumldililah just after 2 sessions I could concentrate on my prayers without worrying if had done Wudu, prayed correctly.     (Female, 19, London, Skype) 



We learnt so much from Ayesha and are so eager to set up our support service. An excellent trainer and answered all our questions.  (Group, Students, Wales)